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The bad ad and the one I like

Apple – TV Ad – Our Signature

This ad was very good. I am someone that values passion. The ad was very convincing it related to everything I liked. It had the love I wanted. The passion in it was real the people where very passionate while using the product. It really enhanced my view on the Ipad.

Kid Ink – Bad Ass (Explicit) ft. Meek Mill, Wale

It is not good to show bad animosity on TV. Violence and conflict have begun to remove me from their films from films of west. Evil in African movies have also made me stay clear from the African movie hubs. I think movies should have perfect passion and inspire people.


Handling PR disasters

How Do You Handle a PR Disaster Like Greg Smith?

Greg smith the former Goldman Sachs VP who resigned in a New York Times op-ed column and subsequently turned that column into a book about Goldman’s ethical lapses. Things I would do. I would give the public a speech that is very entertaining and detrimental to Greg about how his opinions are wrong so as to spoil his credibility. Second I will develop ethical standards that will be publicized to show we care about our ethics. I will ask customer about our services and publish it. That’s my way of handling such a disaster.

Big news of the week

Toyota’s Camry, Still the Bestselling Car in America, Is No Longer the Most Reliable

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Slumps by Most Since August 2011

This week these post where the big ones for me. Camry is car I like and has been successful globally. I enjoy having a camry. Camry’s sell for good price and are nice to drive, it looks nice, cost less to maintain and it is good on gas. I like the fact that its good.

Consumer confidence has been shaky in the U.S.. I like the U.S. because it is a resilient country that has been through tough times and has made the world safer. They should focus on beautifying their country and Improve their marketing strategies. Jesus is good.

Where I get my writing from

I get my writing from the JEHOVAH, my thoughts come from him, he gives me ideas and makes me write them literally. GOD is my biggest inspiration when it comes to writing I write what pleases him, and he has given me good writing skills. I write in a way that GOD wants I write in a historical manner and its all from GOD. It is good to write historically because it tells a story, the reader enters a good world, history is always fun to read that’s why Wikipedia is so successful. The beauty of writing from GOD’S inspiration is risky.

Jehovah Jireh

Compliance as a mode of communication

When I speak I need people to comply, why is that so nature. I try to use good communicating skills like my tone, my voice, my eyes and my love. When I like writing I write so that people love it this means they have complied to why I wrote it by loving it. The reason I like compliance is because it furthers my communication because I trust someone that complies with me. Compliance builds trust, when the teacher gives home works and the students comply the teacher is gratified. Everyone likes mutual compliant communication.


“Deeper sharing” a need brands should adapt

There’s a whole lot of sharing going on, but few marketers are doing it well, according to a new global survey by PR firm Edelman.

The study, called Brandshare, found that 91% of Canadians want brands to share, but only 8% feel brands are doing it well. That finding is consistent with the other markets in the survey, including the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Brazil, China and India.

“There is a big opportunity to fill that gap between what consumers think brands should do and what they are actually doing,” said Sarah Crabbe, senior VP, national practice lead, consumer at Edelman Canada.

The surveyed asked people about six dimensions of sharing: dialogue, experience (wanting experiences beyond the product), goals, values, product (wanting to create products with brands) and history.

Of the six dimensions, “shared values” has the highest unmet demand among consumers. Ninety-two percent of respondents globally want to do business with brands that share their beliefs. In Canada, that number goes up to 95%, but only 11% feel that brands meet their needs in this area.

“Canadians want brands to engage with them on what values matter most to them,” said Crabbe. For example, moms who are looking for nutritious foods for their families want brands to have invested time in what they actually need, as opposed to brands telling them what they need, said Crabbe.

Additionally, 39% of Canadians feel brands should do more to demonstrate they share and support people’s goals and ambitions. People would rather be asked what they need before being told how to get there, according to Edelman. For example, “When it comes to financial services, there are so many products out there, people aren’t necessarily fully versed in what every product [and what] every term and condition means,” said Crabbe. “But if you ask them questions and tailor-make solutions for them, they will reward you.”

Other findings in the study are:
• 95% of Canadians surveyed said they want to have a hand in the design and development process of a brand.
• 92% of Canadian respondents want to know how products are made and how they should perform against competitors.
• 48% of Canadians want brands to be more transparent about how products are sourced and manufactured.
• 41% want brands to do more to give back to their communities.

Consumers are also looking for a more thoughtful dialogue with brands. More than four in 10 (43%) of Canadian respondents said they want brands to listen and respond more thoughtfully.

“The opportunity for [marketers] is that when we put real people at the centre of brand marketing… we connect with them in a far greater way,” said Crabbe.

VivaKi Study Cites Value in Interactivity of Tablet Ads

Value is something that is important to humans. My small brother for example loves GOD, he prays a lot and reads the bible a lot, he upholds all values GOD has given him. Love is something I value, I always want to be loved and be treated with love so I love the way I live. Value is our lifestyle and we are reached by what improves our lifestyle so we must focus on what improves the values of our people.


Market watch

To promote its line of Beetle cars, Volkswagen teamed up with Canadian band Walk Off The Earth to make an interactive music video.

Playing off the band’s 2012 runaway YouTube hit – a cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” in which all five band members play the song on one guitar generating more than 150 million views – Volkswagen had the band make music using different parts of three Beetle cars.

Consumers can watch three different versions of the video, each inspired by one of the three Beetle cars. By clicking on buttons in the video’s YouTube player, they can change the video’s location, car and song.

Link to promotion Video

This is a cool concept to promote a car because it will appeal to various demographics. The use of such tactics shows the ability for marketers to adapt anything to their product, it just made Volkswagen beetle cooler. As marketers we always want to sell products. Selling always changes consumption needs always change; the generation of buyers are always going to be different, history has it that people will always need something beneficial from a product adding the touch like beetle did ups the chance.