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Comment on a trip to mountain everest

Very well said, the way you discussed the journey was warm and smooth, the context made me interested, its good you got to enjoy your trip as well go for it in the first place. Visiting places like Mountain Everest is very good it takes you to other kingdoms, which better than staying in one kingdom. When I am affluent I would like to travel around the world.


Comment on tips about using social media

Well said I like the tips you gave, people really need to learn how to use social media lovingly.

Comment on six things lenders want

Every thing you said is correct, but sometimes we may not have all the six things lenders but still we will need help with investments.

Car comments

nyennaekene on November 25, 2013 at 7:52 pm said:
Cool cars when I can afford nice cars I will surely customize some of my cars


comment on cultural shock


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    “Comment:Very interesting graph it has really good depiction of what cultural adaptation is.:

    November 25, 2013 at 4:39 pm

A little beetle I saw,toy stuff


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Haha funny car. Every one loves a beetle. So why a tiny one, laughing. Anyway cool. I love the new beetles. I want to buy it. Trust me I will enjoy it. Everyone wants that. Beetles are calm, Bless.

sports victory comment

So interesting. I am happy he won. I want to race one day. I like the thrill in racing. I enjoy the speed factor. So what’s the secret to winning? force. Hopefully people apply that. When in competition give it your best. That’s true. Bless